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Seven Card Stud High Low with a Spit (London Lowball Rules)

In the interest of understanding typical winning hands, I ran a simulation of 5,000 rounds of poker with 5, 6 and 7 people in the showdown. Naturally the average winning high and low hand will tend to be better with more players involved. The charts below show the distribution of results, but we can summarize as follows:
  • The median winning high hand with 5, 6 or 7 players is a low flush, ten-high flush and jack-high flush respectively. But the winning hand was a full-house or better 29%, 34% and 37% of the time respectively.
  • The median winning low hand with 5, 6 or 7 players is a 76-low (76541, 76521, and 76421 respectively). But the winning low hand was a 6-low 20%, 23% and 26% of the time, respectively.
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High-Low Hands

Finally, a brief comment on two way winning hands (those one can declare high-low and have a reasonable expectation of winning). Such hands are very rare. Only a little over 1% of the time does one have a flush or better high with a 7-low hand. About 0.4% of the time will a flush or better high be paired up with a 6-low hand. About 3% of the time one will have a straight or better high hand and a 7-low, but the straight high hand may not be strong enough to warrant a high-low call, depending upon the other players and the strength they show.